Pin Oak is for Horses

The Pin Oak Way

At Pin Oak Stud, every aspect of a horse’s wellbeing is carefully considered in the raising and training program implemented for each horse.

From grass management and tree plantings to proper siting of roads, barns, and homes, attention to detail at Pin Oak Stud remains a priority. Creating a beautiful and tranquil site for both staff and horses as well as a top-notch training program for its Thoroughbreds of all ages remains the unparalleled purpose of Pin Oak Stud.

Training at Pin Oak

Our yearlings start their journey under the watchful eye of farm trainer Joss Saville and his team. Whether they are homebreds or purchased from the sale, they all are given the same foundation to become a top racehorse.

Our training facilities include a 5-furlong dirt racetrack, an undulating turf gallop, and an outdoor arena. Not to mention the miles of woods around the farm for trail riding.

We also do our own rehabs on the farm. The rehab facilities include multiple EuroXcisers, a hydrotherapy spa, a saltwater treadmill, MagnaWave, and a Class 4 laser.

For the Love of the horse

Jim and Dana Bernhard got into the Thoroughbred industry because of their love for all horses. The Bernhards and Pin Oak Stud take the commitment to our horses seriously and place a large emphasis on ensuring that the horses that run in our silks are cared for after their racing days.

Pin Oak Stud